“We came from them … they will come for us.”

Alien director Ridley Scott’s return to sci-fi after 1982’s landmark Blade Runner. A cousin to the original series, Prometheus explores the background of the mysterious Space Jockey and his people, their involvement in Earth’s history, and their plans for its future.

Opening to mixed-to-positive reception, the film remains a point of contention for some fans, but few claim that it boasts anything less than stellar photography, a scene-stealing performance from Michael Fassbender, and an effective, if sometimes misplaced, musical score. Often ridiculed for its for-the-sake-of-the-plot character mechanics, Prometheus at the very least proves that Ridley Scott has maintained a good eye.


Path to Prometheus
The long road to Prometheus, from Alien 5, to Alien vs. Predator, Alien 0 and onwards.

Jon Spaihts’ Alien Prequel
A look at one of Spaiht’s prequel drafts and how the story, characters and creatures differ from the released movie.

Damon Lindelof’s Prometheus
An overview of Lindelof’s approach to the script, and the differences from the final movie.

Weyland Industries Timeline
The history of the infamous Weyland, from official Prometheus viral sites.

Peter Weyland
A brief look at Weyland, and his excised dream scene.

The Ampule Room
A look at some of the ampule room’s elements and imagery.

Engineer Architecture
A discussion concerning the Engineer aesthetic, from Giger to Gutalin.

The Engineer Mythos
A look at the influence of HP Lovecraft on Prometheus, by way of Dan O’Bannon and Alien. Also: Gnosticism, Hinduism creation myth, Milton, Blake, and Lord Dunsany.

Gods & Monsters
An article on the Engineer design, mainly the thought process behind turning the skeleton into a suit and the Engineers’ motivation for rallying against mankind.

The Trilobite
The design of the film’s “uber-metaphor” for the facehugger.

The Abomination
The designs of the various mutant Fifields.

Ultramorphs, Xenomorphs, and Weapons of War
A look at the design of the Ultramorph, the Aliens that were originally featured in Jon Spaihts’ script, and the Deacon from the movie.

The Prodigal Son: David 8
A look at how David evolved from Jon Spaihts’ script to the final film, and the thoughts of the actors and filmmakers on what makes the seemingly amoral android tick.


Interview with Ian Whyte, 2013
Ian Whyte is a former basketball player who first appeared on film screens as the lead Predator in Alien vs. Predator. He resumed his role, albeit as a different Predator, in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, and later took on the mantle of the Engineer in Prometheus.


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