“This time it’s war.”

One of the most lauded sequels in movie history, alongside The Godfather Part II, The Empire Strikes Back, and James Cameron’s very own Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Cameron wrote Aliens on spec in 1983, and after the success of his first full feature, 1984’s The Terminator, he was given the directorial reins as well.

The film went on to receive critical and fan acclaim, and stands as a point of inspiration for movies, animation and video games to the present day.


Ridley Scott’s Alien II (or ‘What He Wanted to Happen)
In 1984 Ridley Scott spoke about his ideas for an Alien sequel.

Writing Aliens
Whilst waiting on his first full feature film, The Terminator, to enter principal photography, writer/director James Cameron took on several writing assignments. Among them was the sequel to Ridley Scott’s Alien

Stan Winston and his crew had to not only faithfully rebuild HR Giger’s Alien creature, but they had to adapt it for combat as well…

Her Infernal Majesty
Conceptualising and designing the Alien Queen.

The design of the powerloader, from Syd Mead to miniature model.

Hadley’s Hope
Space frontierism is a norm in the 22nd century. Unfortunately for the harried denizens of colony LV-426, they happen to inhabit the resting place of a biomechanoid warmonger whose terrible cargo lies in wait.

Gateway Station
A brief look at the orbital space station and its nigh-on hidden space vehicles.

I Love the Corps!
Recruiting the Colonial Marines.

The Other Hicks – James Remar
Michael Biehn wasn’t the first choice for Corporal Hicks. Initially filling the armour was actor James Remar.

Divergent Universe: The Alternate Fates of Newt & Hicks
A look at Newt and Hicks’ adventures post-Aliens, from their appearances in the Dark Horse continuations, to more ambiguous and decisive fates in the myriad of Alien III scripts.

Alien Alumni on Aliens
Ridley Scott, Dan O’Bannon, HR Giger and others chip in on the sequel to their 1979 original.

James Cameron’s Alien III (or ‘How it was Never Going to Happen’)
James Cameron’s vague mental sketches of Alien III (as relayed by the Aliens cast)  and why the idea of his involvement in any potential third movie never appealed to him.

James Cameron Responds to Aliens Critics
James Cameron’s responses to Starlog readers’ criticism.


Interview with Jenette Goldstein, 1987
Starlog talk to Goldstein about becoming Vasquez.

Interview with Lance Henriksen, 1987
Starlog talk to Henriksen about his role in Aliens, Bishop’s nature, and more.

Carrie Henn, 1995
Empire magazine exchanged a few short words with Newt actress Carrie Henn in 1995.

Bill Paxton, 1987
Starlog magazine talks to Hudson actor, Bill Paxton, following Aliens‘ release.

James Cameron & Gale Ann Hurd, 1986
Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier interview the brains behind Aliens.


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