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Stasis Interrupted

If you played Aliens: Colonial Marines and wanted to know how Hicks managed to survive the fire aboard the Sulaco and the EEV impact, well, Gearbox Software have released the last piece of downloadable content for the game: Stasis Interrupted.

The title explains it all, really – Hicks is pulled out of cryo-sleep mid-slumber and… well, you can see for yourself:

For the fun of it, here’s a few of the continuity errors made throughout this short scene:

  • When Hicks is pulled out of cryosleep, he is wearing his ragged military attire. But at the end of Aliens he is put into the capsule wearing only his underwear.
  • At the end of Aliens Hicks’ forehead and eye are bandaged. This is missing when he is awakened.
  • Hicks is replaced in the cryotube by another character (‘Turk’) who is shirtless and bandaged, to match Hicks’ wounds. However, he is not wearing Hicks’ dogtags, which are found on his corpse after the EEV crashes on Fury. This is presumably how his corpse was identified. In Alien 3 his tags can be seen hanging on his morgue locker door.
  • The fire in the cryogenic compartment is caused by stray pulse rifle fire. Alien 3 indicates that the facehugger somehow nicks its ‘finger’ on the tube’s broken glass.
  • The armour-piercing explosive-tipped rounds also refrain from ripping Ripley to shreds – even with a bleeding facehugger enveloping her head.
  • The compartment’s fire alarm has been completely redesigned.
  • There is no actual fire aboard the Sulaco. At all.
  • The Sulaco’s emergency computer has underwent an accent exchange: English in Alien 3, American in Colonial Marines.
  • For thought: in Alien 3, Bishop can access the EEV’s flight recorder to find out what happened aboard the Sulaco. He can determine the presence of a facehugger but not the awakening of Hicks or the presence of several mercenaries, nor even the fire fight.
  • The end of the DLC campaign recreates a scene from Alien 3′s finale, with the ‘dog-catcher unit’ from the film replaced wholesale by Colonial Marines’ PMC mercs.
  • The door that Hicks and the other guy run through in the leadworks on Fiorina isn’t in the film (courtesy of SM).
  • The mesh fence between that area and the spiral staircase has disappeared (courtesy of SM).
  • Morse is absent from the gantry (courtesy of SM).

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