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Redesigning the Facehugger & Chestburster

In some respects a lot of Aliens’ hard work had already been done for it. The various stages of the creature’s life-cycle had been worked 0ut, designed, and immortalised in the first film. All that remained for James Cameron and Stan Winston … Continue reading

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Stanley Kubrick, in his science-fiction opus 2001: A Space Odyssey, declined to show the extraterrestrial masters behind the Monolith on the advice of Carl Sagan, who argued that no film depiction of an alien could be convincing. In a 1968 interview … Continue reading


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Newt’s Chestburster

“By the way, it’s not in the goddamed cat and it’s not in Newt, either. I would never be that cruel.” ~ James Cameron, Starlog magazine, 1987. Alien 3′s hypnagogic opening leaves the viewer with many questions, the foremost being the … Continue reading


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1992 Fan Response to Alien³

Alien 3 may as well have been dead on arrival. Despite encouraging box office results outside of the US, the film received a lashing not only from professional critics but from fans as well, precipitating a particularly nasty brand of bad … Continue reading


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David Cronenberg and David Lynch on Alien

In David Cronenberg’s Shivers (1975) a deranged scientist creates a parasite that enters the bodies of his apartment block neighbours thanks to the promiscuity of his young mistress. Spread by sex, the parasites begin to infect the entire building, causing their … Continue reading


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Cold Wars: William Gibson’s Alien III

Starlog #128, March 1988 Alien III was inevitable. After the commercial and critical smash that was Aliens, Twentieth Century Fox turned to Brandywine Productions for more bottled lightning. Though Alien had briefly inspired a toy line, the sequel spawned a small merchandise … Continue reading


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Animal Farm: Eric Red’s Alien III

“The [Alien 3] script that unfortunately circulated, I don’t even look at it as my script. The piece of junk was a product of a few weeks of intense, hysterical story conferences with the studio to rush to get the … Continue reading


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Alien Hierogylphs

“Sunday, August 13th, 1978: Shusett wants to include my painting ‘Hieroglyphics’ in the film. I talked to Ridley about this. He said that the hallway leading to the cockpit might be a possible site for the painting.” HR Giger’s Alien … Continue reading


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Jon Spaihts’ Alien Prequel

“Twentieth Century Fox is resuscitating its Alien franchise,” announced Variety in summer 2009, revealing that “The studio has hired Jon Spaihts to write a prequel that has Ridley Scott attached to return as director. Spaihts got the job after pitching … Continue reading


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Damon Lindelof’s Prometheus

After five drafts, Jon Spaihts’ Alien prequel was handed over to writer Damon Lindelof. “I really liked Jon’s script,” Lindelof said. “I thought there were some very cool and original ideas in it that I thought were potentially dangerous, and … Continue reading


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