Stasis Interrupted

If you played Aliens: Colonial Marines and wanted to know how Hicks managed to survive the fire aboard the Sulaco and the EEV impact, well, Gearbox Software have released the last piece of downloadable content for the game: Stasis Interrupted.

The title explains it all, really – Hicks is pulled out of cryo-sleep mid-slumber and… well, you can see for yourself:

For the fun of it, here’s a few of the continuity errors made throughout this short scene:

  • When Hicks is pulled out of cryosleep, he is wearing his ragged military attire. But at the end of Aliens he is put into the capsule wearing only his underwear.
  • At the end of Aliens Hicks’ forehead and eye are bandaged. This is missing when he is awakened.
  • Hicks is replaced in the cryotube by another character (‘Turk’) who is shirtless and bandaged, to match Hicks’ wounds. However, he is not wearing Hicks’ dogtags, which are found on his corpse after the EEV crashes on Fury. This is presumably how his corpse was identified. In Alien 3 his tags can be seen hanging on his morgue locker door.
  • The fire in the cryogenic compartment is caused by stray pulse rifle fire. Alien 3 indicates that the facehugger somehow nicks its ‘finger’ on the tube’s broken glass.
  • The armour-piercing explosive-tipped rounds also refrain from ripping Ripley to shreds – even with a bleeding facehugger enveloping her head.
  • The compartment’s fire alarm has been completely redesigned.
  • There is no actual fire aboard the Sulaco. At all.
  • The Sulaco’s emergency computer has underwent an accent exchange: English in Alien 3, American in Colonial Marines.
  • For thought: in Alien 3, Bishop can access the EEV’s flight recorder to find out what happened aboard the Sulaco. He can determine the presence of a facehugger but not the awakening of Hicks or the presence of several mercenaries, nor even the fire fight.
  • The end of the DLC campaign recreates a scene from Alien 3′s finale, with the ‘dog-catcher unit’ from the film replaced wholesale by Colonial Marines’ PMC mercs.
  • The door that Hicks and the other guy run through in the leadworks on Fiorina isn’t in the film (courtesy of SM).
  • The mesh fence between that area and the spiral staircase has disappeared (courtesy of SM).
  • Morse is absent from the gantry (courtesy of SM).

You can read Strange Shapes’ evaluation of Aliens: Colonial Marines, here.


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7 responses to “Stasis Interrupted

  1. Antarctica Traffic Control

    Oh gosh. This really is the most *desperate* retconning, isn’t it? I fear this is the work of developers in love with pulse-rifles, and not story. I find their hyperbole regarding being ‘true’ fans a little bit disingenuous since the game clearly demonstrates a failure to grasp what the series is really about. I’m not sure commercial pressures are to blame, based on hubristic comments regarding ‘changing canon’. What a shame.

  2. Antarctica Traffic Control

    ‘Hicks is replaced in the cryotube by another character (‘Turk’) who is shirtless and bandaged, to match Hicks’ wounds. However, he is not wearing Hicks’ dogtags, which are found on his corpse after the EEV crashes on Fury. This is presumably how his corpse was identified. In Alien 3 his tags can be seen hanging on his morgue locker door.’

    Quite. In addition, are we to believe that Weylan(d)-Yutani would just ID Hicks’ corpse based on tags alone? Rudimentary DNA / dental / basic forensics would conceivably not be out of the reach of surviving automated medical equipment, even among the tech desolation of Fury 161 – that much is established with Ripley’s EEV scan! Use thereof of this would reveal the corpse as belonging to another man entirely.

    Nit-picky, yet it unravels broken / lazy thinking, bad research, or failure to care in the fervour to ‘resurrect’ a fan-boy wish – the revival of Hicks. He’s dead in the canon, and that needs to be accepted whether we like it or not. Attempts to beat the canon into a personally preferred shape just come apart at the seams.

  3. Corporal Dwayne Hicks

    Very happy Corporal Dwayne Hicks is back. Hate Alien3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mal

    Aliens: Colonial Marines as a whole is really a microcosm of everything wrong with Alien “fans.” What we see here is the desperate attempt to explain something that needs no explanation, simply because it did not occur in Aliens. And that’s really the meat of it: it’s not about the Alien series or franchise, it’s just about a single film.

    It’s easy to point and laugh at how ridiculously stupid and nonsensical every single element of colonial marines is, and even other “Alien fans” are more than willing to do so – which honestly surprised me a great deal – but it’s not an isolated incident or anything. The overwhelming desire of both the developers of colonial marines and Alien series’ horrifying non-fanbase to keep everything completely stagnant and never explore or expand a single aspect of any person, place, or thing in that universe is one and the same.

    Basically the only real difference between gearbox and avp galaxy is that at least the people on avp galaxy WATCHED Alien 3 at least once. Other than that they’re the same species of angry, spiteful monsters, just in different clothes. Although, I would be lying if I said I didn’t derive some form of pleasure from watching the “fanbase” eat itself because of the plot of my personal favroite entry by an enormous margin.

    Honestly the thing that pisses me off about Stasis Interrupted the most is that the only thing that the opening sequence of Alien 3 irredeemably screwed up – changing the super facehugger to a normal one that can’t implant queen embryos, let alone two of them – wasn’t even addressed. Like, you have ONE thing to fix and they couldn’t even do that. It’s just disgraceful. Well, at least Isolation looks pretty rad.

  5. Victor Drax

    I’m just playing the thing and something happened that, whoah, took me out of the immersion. It may be a small thing to you, but, well, here it goes:

    Early on, we see a bridge between the ship that we’re in and the Sulaco. When two characters cross it, we see two xenos jumping over the sealed bridge and following until the Sulaco, where they walk over the outer plates of the ship and inside some duct out of view.

    Only that… it doesn’t makes sense.

    What have we learned from the first two films? Vacuum of space “sucks you” and even aliens have a hard time clinging to structures while a hatch is opened. Why these two xenos are walking like it’s just normal oxigen? Maybe I’m geeking out hard and nitpicking, but seeing that was a huge punch to the face and took me a while to go back into the mentality of the game. It was just… lame 😦

  6. Calpamos

    @ Victor – You never seen the ending to Aliens: Extermination have you? Youtube here for you. The Xenos have been know to do that so this wasn’t there first time. Was also to show the player how the Egg got onboard.

    @ mal – There is no Super Facehugger as the Theatrical release is the official film not the Assembly Cut. Wasn’t Gearbox its always been Fox who are overseeing things lately with the new Aliens EU. They are working with Titan Books and Dark Horse Comics to fit everything in.


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